Elite Lessons


Private and small group lessons are available upon request, subject to coach and facility availability.

Private Lessons:

One to one training with a certified experienced coach.

Skill Level: Beginners to Advanced players

If you are interested in requesting a Private Lesson please use the form below.

  • One Hour Private Lesson
  • 30 minutes Brush Up
  • 4 Lessons Package
    + For the discount package all lessons must be scheduled within a 4 weeks period.

Group Training:

Great alternative for volleyball training, tailored to each players skill level and position.

Skill Level: Beginners to Advanced players.

Schedule directly with our Master Coaches as an group, or we can integrate a player into a group with the same skill level.

  • One Hour 2 players
  • One Hour 3- 6 players
  • Two Hours 4 or more players

At Katy Elite, we offer private (one to one), semi-private (2-6 players), and group instruction for every level of volleyball.  Our coaching staff can work on any skill training such as: serving, passing, hitting, and setting.  We also offer position-specific training for the ELITE player such as: outside hitter, setter, middle hitter/blocker, libero, right side hitter, and defensive specialist.


Click on a specific coach to schedule a lesson or use this form : CLICK HERE