Among the first lessons to teach in high school Volleyball Coaches Camps And Players Camps is “Power Posing”. As to the reasons why, it is because the results are immediate and the transformations could be incredible for your players together with your program!

Amy Cuddy, a teacher and researcher coming from Harvard Business School provides strong insights into her many years of research on the subject in her “TED talk”, labeled as “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are.”

On her talk she discloses just how “Power Posing”, that is standing up in a good posture of confidence, even if you don’t really feel confident, could have an impact on the measures of testosterone and cortisol levels within your brain. Her studies have shown that you virtually alter your body chemistry simply by changing your body position.

As being a High School Varsity Head Coach, what number of times do you begin your first practice and your Middle School or High School athletes are slouched over, arms crossed looking on the floor. You could actually observe who is insecure and does not have confidence from the instant you enter the gym into your first huddle.

Aside from that, when left uncontrolled, these players may go onto to turn into what we simply call your “Energy Vampires”. That means, unbeknownst to them or their team players, they set a negative mood for practice that basically absorbs all of the positive energy out from the gym, your practice, as well as your team. Developing a team culture of excellence starts effectively by taking on “Energy Vampires” via the effective tool and education of your athletes applying “Power Posing”.

In order to introduce “Power Posing” into your players, we instantly begin by correcting them and teaching them via a discussion with regards to Amy Cubby’s research. During the camp weeks with the High School Camp Programs, you can help your High School Varsity Head Coaches put down rules for the practice, including:

  1. Basically no arms crossed
  2. Look one another on the eye
  3. Hands in hips and occupy space in a “Power Pose”
  4. Try to feel and look the way you want to be.

We request players to think of 2 “Power Poses” for huddle and then one “Silly / Fun Power Pose”. The Wonder Woman “Power Pose” is definitely the best “Power Pose”, by which you place your hands in your hips, standing up having your feet apart, as well as your hands in your hips. This could really feel odd in the beginning, however it is a true “Power Pose” in its essence.

The “Silly / Fun Power Pose” is similar to a body builder in stage and we educate players to use this particular pose to help with making “light” of extreme moments. Instances of athletes power posing are Arnold Schwarzenegger or Usain Bolt:

The fastest way to improve your emotional state would be to change your body language. In the event you imitate successful body language you’ll feel and become motivated. In case you imitate dis-empowered body language you’ll immediately feel dis-empowered (frustrated, angry, guilty, terrified…).

“Power Posing” is as well very important for volleyball tournaments and training your athletes in order to flourish in competition. We’ve heard many stories from Varsity Head Coaches sharing us instances like, “My girls stepped into the gym, took one glance at the opponent, and lost!”

We strongly encourage you to evaluate “Power Posing” along with your players parents as well. Teams we work together with at times send out an e-mail to their players parents to teach them on this effective tool and they’re most of the time very grateful.